a few manuals

here you can find a few manuals regarding our IT System.

how to change your password

This short description is for those colleagues, how haven't got direct access to our IT system. So if you’re located into another country than Germany, Italy, Czech or UK or if you are an external colleague in one of those countries, please use this manual to change your password frequently.

If your laptop is integrated into the EnviTec IT system, you should go on with the manual that is accessible onto our internal Sharepoint / user manual! If you change the password with the below given procedure, you’ll perhaps not be able to logon to your computer or / nor access data in the EnviTec network. To access the SharePoint please activate the VPN and go to http://etb-portal or use the link that you received with the password change notification eMail.

How to Change password through the Outlook Web App: This website can be reached here https://owa.envitec-intra.net Please logon with your current credentials. If your password is already outdated you will be prompted directly to change it. Otherwise there is a menu called options in the upper right of the window, directly below your name. In the menu please choose the option to change your password. There will be three fields. One for the old password and two for the new one to prevent a typo. Please remind the requirements for a new password.

If you’re using an EnviTec eMail account on your smart phone, your phone will prompt you for the new password.